Top 5 Cities for Finding a Job in California

If you’re ready to leave your old job behind for something new and better, California offers some of the best job markets in the country. That’s according to an analysis by jobs website Indeed, which looked at the number of job openings versus how many people were seeking work.

Indeed based its findings on preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for September 2015.
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San Jose – This city describes itself as the capital of SIlicon Valley. It is currently the top job market in the country, with job openings for anyone seeking work. There are plenty of tech jobs available, but there are also positions in medical research, real estate and sales. The down side is the cost of housing which forces all but the wealthiest homebuyers out of the Valley. The result is horrendous traffic.

San Francisco – This hometown of Twitter, Uber, Air BNB and startups galore is vibrant, cultured and expensive. Soaring rents have forced many long-time residents out of the City by the Bay. Lucky for commuters there’s BART, ferries, Caltrain and the city’s famed bridges to get people to work. Expect one job opening for each person seeking work, and plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities.

San Diego – If you’re more interested in sunny SoCal beaches than the Bay Area, San Diego is a good bet. This city offers abundant job growth in Life Sciences, according to the Union Tribune. In fact, San Diego’s Life Sciences sector is the third strongest in the country, behind Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area. Typical starting pay is over $70,000 per year.

Sacramento – The state capital is the last California job market to offer one position for every person hunting for a job. In addition to openings in government, high paying jobs are available in health care, engineering and computers. In fact, Intel has a major R&D facility in Folsom with more than 300 openings right now.

Riverside – The top industries in Riverside are trucking, sales and office support. Gordon Trucking has more than 400 job openings right now, while CRST needs more than 300 workers. A huge plus is the cost of homes. Zillow reports that the median value of a home in Riverside County in October was $313,000, compared to $930,000 in Santa Clara County, where San Jose is located.

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